How to Clean Suede in a Washing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather and suede detergent

  • Clean towels


Brush your suede with a suede brush to remove dirt and dry stains before they set further.

Spot clean your suede with a damp cloth when you encounter wet spills or stains.

Suede is leather that has been chemically or physically abraded to produce a napped finish. Suede leather has more of a decorative finish than other types of leather. Suede is also a more delicate version of leather because, while you can spray it with suede protectants, suede is not as easy to weatherproof as standard leather. Most manufacturers do not recommend washing suede in a washing machine, but you can wash it in a washing machine as long as you do not choose that method often.

Step 1

Add your suede garments to your washing machine with a detergent designed to clean leather and suede. Follow the instructions on the detergent bottle to determine how much detergent to add.

Step 2

Set the washer to the gentle cycle only. Allow the full cycle to run, but do not add fabric softener.

Step 3

Remove your suede items from the washing machine, and pull the items gently back into their original shapes.

Step 4

Lay the suede items flat on a clean towel, and leave them to dry thoroughly.


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