How to Remove the Smoke Smell From Clothes After a House Fire

After there is a fire at a house, the smell of smoke will linger behind and stick to everything. Besides being merely unattractive, the smoke smell can irritate your lungs. But getting the smell out of clothing requires more than just laundering it with detergent, since the smell of smoke clings to fabric longer than most odors do. Treating clothes that smell like smoke as soon as possible will make removing the odor easier.

Remove smoke from clothes after a house fire to restore the clothes.

Step 1

Fill a 5-gallon bucket with equal amounts of warm water and white distilled vinegar.

Step 2

Place the clothes in the bucket overnight to soak them. Place the clothes in the washing machine with detergent. Launder the clothing according to the care label.

Step 3

Hang the clothes outside to air-dry. You can hang them indoors if the weather prevents you from hanging them outdoors. Air-drying the clothes allows for greater circulation to remove any lingering odors.

Step 4

Soak the clothes in the vinegar solution again if you still notice the smoke smell. Launder the clothing in your washing machine and hang it to air-dry.