How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Tulle Dress

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle filled with water

  • Fabric steamer

  • Iron (with steam function)


For very stubborn wrinkles, iron the tulle as a last resort. Lay the tulle onto a thick towel and place another towel over the tulle so the towels cover the tulle completely. Apply the heat of the medium-hot iron through the towel to remove wrinkles carefully. Never touch the hot iron directly to the tulle fabric.

Restore body and flounce to your tulle dress by hanging it upside down for several days. The upside-down position will give the tulle layers added dimension.

Get wrinkles out of a tulle dress with steam.
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Many formal gowns have at least one layer of tulle to give the gown lift and dimension. Tulle is fragile, netted fabric that you may find sewn in as a layer beneath the skirt portion of a gown or dress. Tulle is also the fabric used to create ballet tutus. When tulle wrinkles, you may have a challenge removing the wrinkles because the tulle is so delicate. Get wrinkles out of a tulle dress by utilizing moist steam.


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Step 1

Spray a fine and direct mist carefully onto the tulle to slightly dampen it. Do not allow water to overspray onto any other portions of the dress and do not saturate the tulle. Fluff and work at the tulle with your hands after you dampen it to remove wrinkles. Try to straighten the tulle and remove the wrinkles while the tulle is damp.

Step 2

Hang the tulle dress in the bathroom near the shower. Turn the shower on to a warm flow and close the bathroom door to enclose the steam in the bathroom. Leave the shower running for approximately 15 minutes to create enough steam to loosen the wrinkles from the tulle.


Step 3

Apply the steam of a fabric steamer or an iron with a steam function. Direct the steam onto the wrinkled tulle with the source of steam approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the tulle. If you are using an iron's steam, be very careful not to touch the tulle with the hot iron because the tulle will melt instantly.


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