How to Get Pink Out of White Clothes

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Use Rit Color Remover or Synthrapol instead of Carbona Color Run Remover.


Do not put "pink" clothes in the dryer, as this will further set the dye stains. Do not use color-run removers on silk, leather, suede, vinyl or "dry-clean only" fabrics. Some color-run removers cannot be used with front-loading washing machines; follow the color-run remover's instructions for hand-washing instead.

Accidentally washing a red garment with white clothes can leave you with a washing machine full of pink clothes, and an upset family. Fortunately, you do not need to throw out your pink-white clothes, nor ruin the integrity of the fabric with bleach. Use an economical, gentle color-run remover to restore the whiteness of your clothes.

Step 1

Clean any residue of detergent or fabric softener from the empty washing machine.

Step 2

Fill the washing machine to its highest water level with the hottest water allowable, per the garment's laundry tag instructions.

Step 3

Start the wash cycle and dissolve one package of Carbona Color Run Remover (7 oz.) into the water. Do not add any other cleaning aid or detergent.

Step 4

Add the pink-stained clothes and allow the washing machine to run through its complete cycle.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 if the clothes have any pink stain remaining.

Step 6

Wash the load of clothes once more using your usual laundry detergent, then dry the clothes.

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