How to Get Out Wrinkles in a Vinyl Tablecloth

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A new vinyl tablecloth means easy cleaning -- and wrinkles from packaging folds. A good-looking, wrinkle-free vinyl tablecloth is more impressive than a cloth with tacky, evenly spaced creases. You may have tried to wash out or wipe away the wrinkles without success. And, obviously, ironing the tablecloth will cause damage -- melting the vinyl and gumming up your iron. But you can use another relatively quick, simple laundering method for pleasing results.


Step 1

Dampen a couple of bath towels by spritzing them with clean water, using a water-spray bottle. Toss the towels into the dryer.


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Step 2

Remove all the packaging from the vinyl tablecloth, if it's new. Put the tablecloth into the dryer with the towels.


Step 3

Set the dryer to low heat. Tumble dry for 2 minutes.


Step 4

Remove the tablecloth from the dryer. Spread it out over the table or on a clean floor. Smooth the vinyl with a clean, damp cloth. If any wrinkles remain, put it back in the dryer on low heat for another minute or two. Check that the towels are still damp before turning on the dryer. Dampen them again, if they're dry.



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