How to Fix a Faux Fur Hood Put in the Dryer

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Things You'll Need

  • Fine-toothed comb

  • Boar's hair brush with stiff but fine bristles


This technique requires that you brush out the damaged parts of the faux fur, causing it to look slightly thinner. However, the fluffing technique described in the last step will help combat that.

Fake fur close up.
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When it comes to items made of faux fur, there is definitely one hard and fast rule of care: you should never, ever put them in a dryer. The extreme heat of the dryer melts the synthetic fur of a stuffed animal vest or faux fur hood, turning it into a matted mess once you remove it. When you wash these items in a standard washing machine, it is easy to forget that they're in with your regular load of laundry, causing you to make the mistake of transferring them to the dryer. Luckily, you can restore items like a faux fur hood by following a few instructions.


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