Homemade Cleaner for Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards have largely replaced old fashioned chalkboards for teaching purposes. Families keep dry erase boards for notes or to use as a calender. Anyone who uses a dry erase board notices that as time goes on, the writing gets harder to erase, and you will need a stronger or different cleaning solution. Dry erase markers are usually sharp and bright at the beginning, but will eventually need to be replaced. After awhile marks become difficult to erase from your dry erase board. It is very helpful to learn how to make homemade cleaner for dry erase boards.

Hand Sanitizer

You may be able to remove marks from your dry erase board with some common products found at home. One of these products is hand sanitizer. Use some hand sanitizer solution, brand name or generic, with a soft cloth or a dry erase board eraser to remove the marks. Rubbing it gently should remove the stains/marks.


Toothpaste also removes dry erase board writing. The common white household toothpaste is the best kind to use. Apply it to the dry erase board, then wipe with a cloth or soft paper towel. It should come off easily, but use soap and water if necessary to remove all toothpaste residue.


Another method is to use hairspray. Spray hairspray on the dry erase board, and let it sit for a few minutes. When cleaning it off, use good mild soap. Wash and dry thoroughly.

Vinegar and Water

One homemade cleaner for dry erase boards is composed of a solution of water and vinegar. Mix together equal parts of both, apply to a cloth or spray to the dry erase board with a spray bottle. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Fresh Dry Erase Marker

Some people are also able to remove old marks by taking a fresh dry erase marker, coloring over the old marks, and then erasing all of it with the whiteboard eraser. If you choose this method, try it several times for best results.

Rubbing Alcohol and Water

You may also make a homemade cleaner for a dry erase board using a solution of ¾ part rubbing alcohol to 1 part water. Spray or wipe this over the board, and then wipe clean. Many of the commercially prepared solutions contain rubbing alcohol as a main ingredient. This should easily clean off your dry erase board with only a cloth, and will not cause abrasion.

Glass cleaner

Another possible cleaner for your dry erase board is regular household glass cleaner. If you choose this method, be sure to rinse with water and then dry. Glass cleaner could possibly be abrasive, but if you wipe gently with a cloth and rinse with water, your board should come clean nicely.

A final tip is to use a clean, soft cloth for your dry erase board rather than a felt eraser. A cloth is just as effective and clears off more of the buildup over time. If necessary, use several cloths or different parts of the same cloth for trying different methods.