How to Clean Melamine Cupboards

Melamine cabinets and cupboards are designed to be relatively easy to care for, but you should follow a few guidelines to avoid causing damage to them. Use a little dish soap and water to clean up grease, fingerprints and food splatters, rinsing and drying the area afterwards.

Melamine Basics

Melamine cupboards are a lot like laminate cabinets in that they're made of several materials put together. The visible outer surface is made from paper infused with resin to make it durable. The resin paper is thermally fused to the type of board the manufacturer uses as its core building material, resulting in a material versatile enough to use in kitchens, bathrooms and even in garages.

Cleaning Melamine

  • Wipe away fingerprints, grease, food and other substances as soon as you notice them for the best results and the simplest cleanup. A damp sponge or white cloth is enough to do the job most of the time, as long as you work quickly.
  • For substances that cannot be cleaned with plain water, apply a dot of dish soap to a damp sponge or white cloth and scrub the area gently. Rinse the cloth or sponge and wipe the area again; then dry it off.
  • Remove stubborn substances such as grease or sticker residue by applying a citrus solvent with the tip of a cotton swab. Wipe the solvent away after a few minutes; then rinse with a damp sponge before drying the area.

Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams

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