How to Clean a Mason Pearson Brush

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Mason Pearson brushes have specially designed, rubber-cushioned brush pads, allowing greater flexibility of the bristles as you brush. Bristles may be made of boar hair, nylon or a mixture of the two materials. Cleaning the brushes is very important and is the same for all styles of these brushes. Cleaning prevents wear, from chemicals and hair oils, on the pad and the bristles. These brushes should be cleaned carefully, however, so water does not enter the internal parts of the brush; never soak your Mason Pearson brush.


Step 1

Run a comb gently through the bristles to pull out loose hair. Use a dry cleaning brush, which comes packaged with some of these brushes, or a clean tooth brush to loosen oils and styling product residue from the pad of the hair brush.

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Step 2

Fill a sink part way, or a small bowl full, of warm water. Add a few drops of a gentle hand soap. warns you must not use a detergent, shampoo, ammonia-based cleaners or anything containing petroleum products for cleaning the brushes.


Step 3

Dip the cleaning brush in the soapy water. Hold the Mason Pearson brush upside down, the top pointing downward, and gently brush the bristles with the cleaning brush. Then, brush the pad of the brush.

Step 4

Rinse off the cleaning brush under water from your faucet. Now use the wet brush to rinse the soapy water off the Mason Pearson brush.


Step 5

Dip one corner of a wash cloth in soapy water. Rub this over the handle to clean it--then dampen another corner of the cloth in clean water and use this to rinse the handle.

Step 6

Shake the brush to remove excess water. Place it bristle-side down on a soft towel to air dry.



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