How to Remove Mop & Glo Build Up

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Things You'll Need

  • Household bucket

  • General-purpose cleaner

  • Ammonia

  • Sponge mop with scrub strip


For a deeper shine, add additional layers of Mop & Glo, letting each layer dry completely. Use Mop & Glo on many types of flooring, including linoleum, vinyl and no-wax floors. Read the manufacturer's information on the container for a complete list of floor types that can be mopped with Mop & Glo.

The commercial product Mop & Glo enhances the beauty of your floors by adding shine and a protective coating that fends off scuffs and makes little spills easy to clean up. It is a cleaner and shine agent in one that is mopped onto the floor and left to dry. Repetitions of this process can cause the product to build up, causing your floor to become dingy or yellowed over time. Remove this excess buildup to bring back the original beauty of your floor.


Step 1

Fill the household bucket with a gallon of warm water.

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Step 2

Add 1/2 cup of general-purpose cleaner to the bucket. This cleaner must be free of any bleach ingredients.

Step 3

Pour in 2 cups of household ammonia.

Step 4

Dip the sponge mop into the water and swish to be sure the cleaners are mixed. Wring some of the water out of the mop.

Step 5

Spread a generous amount of water onto the floor. Working in one section at a time, mop and scrub to loosen and remove the buildup.


Step 6

Sponge up as much of the cleaning liquid as possible and move to the next section. Repeat until the floor has been thoroughly scrubbed and the excess water has been sponged up.

Step 7

Pour out the wash water from the bucket, rinse it and fill it with clear, warm water. Rinse the sponge mop until it is clear of the cleaning solution as well.

Step 8

Mop and sponge the same sections of the floor as for cleaning. Rinse the cleaning water from the floor and sponge up as much rinse water as possible.


Step 9

Empty the rinse water from the bucket as often as necessary while rinsing the floor so that the rinse water stays clear.

Step 10

Reapply a fresh layer of protective Mop & Glo when the floor is completely dry.


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