How to Clean Hard Grease Off the Stove Top Cover

Grease from cooking can easily make a mess on the stove top. If this grease is allowed to sit for long, it will harden and stick tenaciously to the stove's surface. Any food particles or dirt also get trapped in the hardened grease, creating a mess that can be very difficult to remove. In tackling grease on the stove top, it is helpful to keep in mind methods you use to tackle hard grease on cookware. The cleaning process is very similar. You'll need a little patience and you'll have to do some scrubbing, but you will be able to get the stove clean and shiny.

Step 1

Remove the burner pans (if applicable) and place them in a sink full of soapy water. Remove as much of the hardened grease with a putty knife or a butter knife. Be careful not to scratch the surface (or yourself).

Step 2

Wipe off crumbs and loosen hard grease with a paper towel. Pour liquid grease-cutting dish soap directly on the remaining grease. Make sure the grease is totally covered with the soap. Let this sit for an hour.

Step 3

Wet a sponge in very warm water. Rub the sponge over the area, working the soap more deeply into the grease spots.

Step 4

Scrub the hard grease with a nylon scrubbing pad. Much of the grime should be working loose at this point. If it is still stuck, add more dish soap and let it sit on the area for thirty minutes more.

Step 5

Pour dish soap onto a damp sponge. Wash the remaining grease off the stove top. Rinse completely with a wet cotton cloth.

Corey M. Mackenzie

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