The Best Disinfectant Wood Floor Cleaners

You want to kill germs and bacteria that accumulate on surfaces, and wood floors require disinfecting on a regular basis just like any other type of flooring. Whether you have laminate or authentic wood floors, finished or unfinished, you want to be able to use a fast cleaning routine that is safe for any wood flooring and disinfects well.

Removing Loose Buildup

You first want to remove the loose buildup from your flooring. This makes the disinfecting process easier, plus removes any food crumbs or chunks of debris that could turn into bacterial growth. Sweep the wood floors regularly with a broom or vacuum cleaner every few days.

Disinfecting with Vinegar

Vinegar is an all-natural disinfectant that works perfectly for any type of wood flooring. To use, mix about 1 gallon water to 1 cup white vinegar. Mop your floors with this cleaner and remember to always keep the mop wrung out well. You don't want excess moisture to absorb into the wood, as this can damage your flooring. Let the floors air dry after cleaning.

Commercial Disinfectants

There are several disinfectants that can be purchased from your local grocery or home improvement store. Make sure the products are labeled safe for your type of flooring and include mention of "disinfectant cleaner." Keep in mind that many commercial cleaners contain chemicals that you may not want to use in the home, but there are a few green and eco-friendly brands of cleaning products out there as well. Browse for the product that best suits your budget and needs.

Products to Avoid

Don't use any type of bleach or bleach-based floor cleaner on wooden floors. This can eat away at floor finish, and it can discolor wood and wood stain. The bleach is effective on many other household surfaces, but should be avoided on wood floors as well as any other wooden surface around the home.