How to Clean a Bathroom With WD-40

How to Clean a Bathroom With WD-40. Cleaning the bathroom can take a lot of elbow grease and some household cleaners don't seem to work on everything you need it to. Still another use for WD-40. It's more economical than having a whole buffet of cleaners to choose from and it won't harm surfaces.

Step 1

Start with the shower. Apply the WD-40 on a damp cloth to remove soap scum from the fiberglass shower doors with ease. Go down to the shower door track and use it to take up the grime. WD-40 with prevent mildew and mold from forming as well.

Step 2

Rub WD-40 on the scuff marks on the floor or remove decals from the tub. Follow up where the decals were with some regular dish soap and water.

Step 3

Remove water spots from the mirror. An added benefit is that the mirrors actually won't fog up anymore either.

Step 4

Clean the inside of the medicine cabinet to prevent rust from forming.

Step 5

Rub on any scratches to ceramic tile to hide them.

Step 6

Apply it to curling irons, blow dryers or any accessories you use in the bathroom to rub off gunk and prevent rust.

Step 7

Swipe the rubber mat with WD-40 to remove and prevent mildew.

Step 8

Bring up the dirt off of grout and caulking. Follow with simple soap and water or some vinegar.

Step 9

Apply to anything that squeaks or creaks on hinges in the bathroom.

Step 10

Finish off your cleaning with a quick swipe to everything, especially the base of the toilet, sink and fixtures. They will stay clean longer.