Water Stain Removal From Metal

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Removing water stains from metal surfaces can be a fairly easy task when you incorporate the right stain-removal procedure. There is a variety of retail cleaning products on the market that clean and remove stains, and, while effective, these can be costly items that are priced too high for many budgets. Instead, keep a few inexpensive ingredients on hand to clean and remove stains from your metal surfaces.

Club Soda

Club soda works well to remove water stains from metal surfaces, and is a mild, inexpensive ingredient that can be purchased from any grocery store. Soak the edge of a cloth or sponge in the club soda and wipe over the metal surface. Repeat as needed until the water stains have been removed completely.


Vinegar works well for all metal surfaces, and effectively removes water stains. In a spray bottle, mix a diluted solution of one part water and one part distilled white vinegar. Do not use apple cider or balsamic vinegar, as these are comprised differently and will not work the same. Spray the solution onto the water stain, let sit for 30 seconds and then wipe clean with a soft cloth or towel. Repeat as needed until the stain has been entirely removed.


For tougher stains, you will need to create a paste that can be applied to the water stains. In a dish, add a cup of flour, then stir in distilled white vinegar until you have formed a thick paste. Apply a thick coating of the paste over the stain and let sit until dry. This can take anywhere from a few hours to overnight. When the paste has dried completely, use a damp cloth to wipe away the flour paste and the stain should be gone completely. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry to remove any paste residue.


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