How to Use Sulfuric Acid for Drain Cleaning

Many drain cleaners on the market use sulfuric acid to eat away at clogs. There are also drain cleaners on the market that use pressurized air to clear a clog, but the surest way of getting rid of any clog is to use acid. This article will tell you how to use sulfuric acid to clean a drain at home.

Step 1

Open all windows in the area of the clogged drain.

Step 2

Pour the 2 cups of the Thrift Super-Pro Acid down the drain that is clogged. This product offers a 95 percent sulfuric acid concentration, which is all that is sold on the market to the public. Allow this to sit in the drain for at least one hour before attempting any other fixes.

Step 3

Insert the power snake into the clogged drain and extend to push the clog out of the drain pipe. This will move out of the way any lingering clog that the acid did not penetrate.

Step 4

Recoil the snake and remove from the drain.

Step 5

Flush the drain with water to make sure the drain is clear, and use as you normally would.

Viktoria Carrella

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