My Kirby Sentria Shampooer Is Not Picking Up the Water

The Kirby Sentria is a multi-purpose cleaning tool. It not only vacuums, it shampoos carpet and even waxes the floor. Kirby is well-known for sturdy vacuums, but some customers have had trouble using the shampooing feature in the Sentria. If the shampooer is not picking up water, you can address this issue without taking the vacuum to a repair shop.

Proper Maintenance

A clogged hose could prevent the Kirby Sentria from sucking up water. Hoses get clogged with debris such as hair. To clean it, turn the accessory lock securing the hose to the motor counterclockwise. The nozzle and tray assembly will come loose. Remove the hose from the tray with your hands, carry it to the sink and place its opening under the faucet to rinse it out.

Lock Tray and Nozzle and Engage the Belt

Turn the handle on the front of the Sentria motor clockwise to secure the tray and nozzle. If the handle is in the wrong position, the hose connected to the nozzle will stay disengaged. After the tray and nozzle are secure, turn the handle on the belt lifter clockwise until the green arrows line up. The belt lifter is located under the hood light. Without the belt, the drive shaft will not engage the rollers and suction elements of the shampooer.

Proper Usage

Step on the Sentria's toe touch until the nozzle is in its lowest position. Then move the shampooer back and forth to deposit foam and allow the brush to scrub the carpet. As the shampooer moves forward, the brush rollers will engage. When it is moved backward, suds and water will be dispensed onto the carpet.

Sucking Up Water

Ensure the shampoo tank is in the OFF position. The Sentria can't pick up water while the suds are still being dispensed. Step on the toe pedal to ensure the Sentria is in its lowest position. Then move the shampooer over the foam and water. Water and foam will be sucked into the machine and dumped into the front tray.