How to Remove Purple Primer

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Commonly used to clean PVC pipes of dirt, oil and grease, purple primer creates stronger bond for pipes. It is an important step when sealing PVC pipes properly. However, the purple primer can drip onto unintended surfaces and leave a difficult-to-remove stain. Once the purple primer spills, deal with it as soon as possible. The longer the primer sits on the surface, the harder it becomes to remove.


Step 1

Dampen a clean white cloth with 4 to 5 drops of clear PVC cleaner. Place the dampened area of the cloth on the purple primer stain and begin blotting while moving in toward the center of the stain.

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Step 2

Apply several more drops of the clear cleaner if the cloth becomes dry, and continue blotting until the purple primer stain is no longer visible. Continue with the remaining steps if any stain remains.


Step 3

Pour high-grade acetone in a small, plastic container and saturate a cotton ball in the liquid. Carefully rub the purple stain with the saturated cotton ball in a circular motion. Dampen a clean cotton ball in the acetone when the first cotton ball becomes soiled.

Step 4

Continue rubbing the purple primer stain until it is no longer visible. Remove the acetone immediately from the surface with paper towels dampened with cool water. Leaving acetone on the surface for an extended period of time may damage it. Wipe the surface dry with clean paper towels.

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