If you want your Pergo laminate floor to shine, you may be thinking it is time to wax or refinish it. However, Pergo floors never require waxing or refinishing, according to Pergo.com. If you've noticed that your Pergo floor is looking a little dull, chances are it needs to be cleaned correctly. This article will cover how to remove any spots and stains as well as properly clean your Pergo floor to make it look its best.

Removing Spots from a Pergo Floor

Step 1

Remove tar, crayon, lipstick, oil, marker, ink, shoe polish and nail polish stains as well as cigarette burns with denatured alcohol or nail polish remover. You can also use acetone, except on Pergo wallbase or quarter round.

Step 2

Use a blunt plastic scraper to remove any candle wax or chewing gum from the floor.

Step 3

Clean any chocolate, grease, juice, cordial or wine stains using lukewarm water with Pergo Floor Cleaner or non-abrasive cleaner.

Step 4

Repair any minor damages to your floor using Pergo Finishing Putty. This putty is good for damages that are smaller than 1/4 inch. If the damage is larger, you may need to replace the entire plank or tile.

Cleaning the Pergo Floor

Step 5

Use a dust mop or a vacuum with a hard-floor attachment to clean the floor and remove surface dust and debris.

Step 6

Mix together either 1 cup vinegar or 1/3 cup ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water. You can also use Pergo's Laminate and Hard Surface cleaner according to directions. Do not use other soaps, wax-based products, detergent-based cleaners or polish on your Pergo floor.

Step 7

Mop your floor with the cleaner. To avoid streaks, use a towel to dry the floor after mopping. For best results, use a microfiber mop.

Step 8

If your floor still looks cloudy or dull, repeat steps 2 and 3 or try just water. Other soaps, detergents or cleaners with wax may have been used in the past. It may take some effort to remove the residue.