How to Remove Smoke Smell From Plastic

Smoke related odors are among the most difficult to eliminate. Smoke seeps into fabrics, plastics, glass, hair, and even appliances. Home remedies have proven effective against smoke and cigarette odors. Here are some helpful tips for removing smoke odor from plastic household items.


Step 1

Run water in kitchen or bathroom sink until a warm temperature is reached and apply the sink stopper. Pour one cup of liquid dish soap into the sink while running warm water until soap suds are visible.

Step 2

Place smelly plastics into the sink and submerge. Dispense two tsp of liquid dish soap onto dish rag, and dampen with warm water.

Step 3

Remove plastic items from warm water and scrub them with soapy dish rag. Scrub for approximately five minutes and submerge plastics again in sink.

Step 4

Leave the plastics submerged for fifteen minutes before draining the sink.

Step 5

Rinse the plastics with cool water thoroughly, and let air dry.

White Vinegar Treatment

Step 6

Pour three cups of white distilled vinegar into a bucket large enough to hold the plastic items.

Step 7

Place the plastics into the bucket and add two cups of cold water.

Step 8

Seal the bucket with lid and leave overnight.

Step 9

The next day, remove the plastic items from the bucket and put them in the sink.

Step 10

Carefully rinse plastics with cool water and let air dry.

Charcoal Odor Removal

Step 11

Wrap ten pieces of charcoal in paper towels individually. Place five pieces of wrapped charcoal at the bottom of the tub.

Step 12

Put the plastic items inside the tub, making sure they sit squarely on bottom layer of charcoal.

Step 13

Place the five remaining pieces of charcoal on top or in between spaces of plastics inside the tub.

Step 14

Seal the tub and leave overnight.

Step 15

Remove charcoal pieces and plastics from tub. If charcoal dust can be seen on the plastic items, rinse with cool water. Allow plastics to air dry.