How to Unclog a Swiffer WetJet Nozzle

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The Swiffer Wet Jet is one way to clean your vinyl and wood flooring. The Swiffer uses its own cleaning solution that sprays out from the front of the mop head when you squeeze the trigger. Swiffer suggests wiping down your mop after each use to keep the nozzle free of dirt and grime. However, sometimes the nozzle clogs, resulting in a poor spray. Unclogging a Swiffer Wet Jet nozzle is a simple process that will have the unit working properly.


Step 1

Push the button on the front of the mop body where the cleaner bottle inserts into the Swiffer Wet Jet. Pull the cleaner bottle out of the unit and sit it on a flat surface with the cap side pointing up.

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Step 2

Fill an 8-ounce glass ¼ full with white vinegar. Fill the rest of the glass with warm water. Dip a toothbrush into the vinegar water and scrub the front of the nozzle on the top of the mop head. The vinegar eats away at caked on dirt and grime.


Step 3

Insert the tip of a toothpick into the nozzle hole as far as possible. Do not force the toothpick, simply push it in and out slightly. This breaks up dirt inside the nozzle.

Step 4

Set the mop head into a sink and pour the remaining vinegar water into the area where you insert the cleaner bottle. Avoid spilling the water on the outside of the mop body. Position the mop head so that the nozzle is pointing to the side of the sink or even hold the mop handle and allow the nozzle to point to the drain.


Step 5

Squeeze the spray trigger just as you would when the bottle is in the mop. The warm vinegar water passes through the tube and nozzle, breaking up any dirt and grime.

Step 6

Pour the remaining liquid out of the bottle cartridge from the front of the mop, once the sprayer sprays consistently. Dry the outside of the mop with a towel to remove any spills. Reinsert the cleaner bottle and continue cleaning your floors.

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