How to Clean an Oil Spill from a Reed Diffuser

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Things You'll Need

  • Clay cat litter (fine absorbent granules) or corn starch

  • Paper towels

  • Dust pan (or piece of stiff cardboard)

  • Liquid dish detergent

  • Warm water

  • Sponges

  • Towel


Dish detergent will typically work better than other kinds of soaps. Dish detergent is made to clean up oily, greasy messes from dishes--it works as well on other surfaces.

If you don’t have litter or corn starch on hand, use paper towels or cloths to absorb the oil.

While it’s not absolutely necessary to wear rubber gloves when cleaning up this oil, it is concentrated and if you do get the oil on your bare hands you’ll have to scrub your hands (using the dish detergent) to remove it.

If you spill the oil on clothing, simply wash the area first with dish detergent to get out the oil, and then launder as usual.

Reed diffusers add aroma to a room without heat, flame or smoke. The reeds wick oil from their decorative container and scent from the aromatic oil is lightly dispersed throughout the area. If the oil spills onto your table, dresser, floor or rug, you should clean it up quickly to avoid permanent stains. Cleaning the oil spill is easiest if you follow some basic rules for oil spills and use the right cleaners--cleaners that will emulsify the oil, allowing for easier removal.


Step 1

Place cat litter or corn starch over the spill, covering it completely. Leave the spill alone for about 30 minutes. During this time, these products will absorb much of the oil.

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Step 2

Use dry paper towels to push the oil-saturated litter or corn starch onto a dust pan or stiff piece of cardboard. Discard the soiled litter or corn starch in a trash container.


Step 3

Pour liquid dish detergent over the remaining oil, covering the whole spill if possible. Wet a sponge under warm water and scrub the spill--this should be done whether the oil is on carpet or a solid surface.

Step 4

Rinse the sponge in hot water. Scrub the spill again. Continue this process until you've removed all the oil and the detergent from the surface.


Step 5

Dry the area with a towel. Test the surface of the area with your fingers. If it feels tacky, detergent or oil residue may remain. Wipe it down again with a clean sponge and warm water.


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