How to Get Rid of a Metallic Taste From Stainless Steel Water Bottles

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Eco-friendly products are now in demand to help save our environment. One of the items that has become popular is the stainless steel water bottle. Using these bottles helps reduce the vast number of plastic bottles people use for carrying water or other drinks. Most of the stainless steel bottles are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and are safe to reuse. However, many complaints have arisen that they have an unpleasant metallic taste. This is easy to eliminate, thus making the eco-friendly bottles more enjoyable to use.


Step 1

Wash the stainless steel water bottle in hot soapy water and rinse well.

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Step 2

Mix enough of the distilled or filtered water in equal proportion with the vinegar to fill the water bottle. For example, if your water bottle is 16 ounces, mix eight ounces of the water with eight ounces of the vinegar.


Step 3

Fill the bottle with the water and vinegar mixture.

Step 4

Allow the bottle to sit undisturbed overnight with the vinegar-and-water mixture in it.

Step 5

Pour out the water-and-vinegar mixture and rinse the water bottle well. The metallic taste should be gone. If the metallic taste comes back, simply repeat these steps to get rid of it again.



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