How to Kill Crickets in the Ceiling

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Crickets are noisy and can eat your houseplants.

Crickets are harmless insects that can find their way into your home. However, they can be noisy and may eat your houseplants. If crickets make it to your ceiling space, you will not be able to kill them with the usual shoe or rolled up newspaper. Installing a temporary sugar trap should get rid of most of them, and then an insecticide spray will remove the rest. You will need to have access to the ceiling void or attic space.


Step 1

Fill a mason jar half way full with molasses. Set the jar in the ceiling space.

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Step 2

Wait 24 hours, then remove the jar. Fill it the rest of the way with water to drown the trapped crickets, then throw it away.

Step 3

Spray the ceiling space with a non-residual insecticide rated specifically for crickets or cockroaches. Follow all application directions on the spray. This will kill any remaining crickets that did not drown in the sugar trap.



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