The Best Toilet Bowl Deodorizer for Odors

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Nobody likes a stinky toilet. Investing in the best toilet bowl deodorizer can help absorb unpleasant scents, but it's also important to stick to a regular bathroom cleaning schedule if you really want to stave off odors. Keep reading for essential information about toilet bowl deodorizers, how to eliminate bathroom smells, and the best methods for keeping your toilet sparkling clean and odor-free.


How to Get Rid of Toilet Odors

The best toilet bowl deodorizers eliminate odors at the source by gradually releasing a fresh fragrance over a period of several days. All you have to do is clip the deodorizer to the rim of your toilet. Aside from using a toilet bowl deodorizer, though, there are some other ways to eliminate not-so-nice smells:


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  • Use laundry detergent.​ One of the best toilet bowl fresheners is laundry detergent. Pour a little bit of detergent (fabric softener works too) into your toilet tank for an instant pick-me-up scent.

  • Allow for airflow.​ Never underestimate the power of ventilation. If you have a window in your bathroom, keep it open as much as possible, especially after you shower (the excess moisture caused by the steam can lead to offensive smells).

  • Try a diffuser.​ A diffuser releases essential-oil-infused scents into the air, so it's great for bathrooms.

  • Bring in greenery.​ There's nothing like a little greenery to keep things looking and smelling fresh. If you have space, bring in a pothos plant (they like low, indirect light, making them the ideal bathroom plant) and/or hang some eucalyptus in the shower.

  • Take out the trash.​ It can be all too easy to forget about the bathroom trash but be sure to empty it frequently to prevent smells from accumulating.


Tips for Cleaning Your Toilet

Of course, the best way to keep icky odors in check is to clean your toilet regularly. This will help stave off bacteria growth and keep your bathroom smelling pleasant. Some of the best tips and tricks for cleaning your toilet include the following:


  • Get a good toilet brush.​ If you've had the same toilet brush forever, it's likely time for an upgrade (you should get a new one every six months). Get a brush that has firm bristles with a head that's shaped to reach all areas of the bowl.

  • Use the right type of cleaner.​ Use a bowl cleaner with bleach to get rid of stubborn stains and grime.

  • Disinfect everything.​ Don't just disinfect the inside of your toilet; be sure to disinfect the exterior too. You should also disinfect your toilet brush after using it.



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