Easy Way to Remove Super Glue From Your Fingers

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Super Glue quickly repairs household items.

Super Glue's strong, fast-curing bond sets it apart from most ordinary types of glue. Since practically all materials bond to Super Glue, it is widely used in numerous craft projects and repairs. Super Glue is extremely sticky, however, and it often smears onto people's fingers during application. Although Super Glue eventually wears off fingers over time, its bond to skin is rather inconvenient and uncomfortable. Promptly remove Super Glue from your fingers to restore their usefulness and appearance.


Step 1

Fill a sink or pail with enough soapy water to immerse your fingers in. Use about one drop of liquid hand or body soap in 1 qt. of warm water.

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Step 2

Submerge your fingers in the warm, soapy water. Rub your fingers together to loosen the glue's adhesives. Loosen as much sticky gunk as possible.


Step 3

Rinse your fingers with fresh water. Dry your wet fingers with a towel.

Step 4

Examine your fingers for sticky residue. Immerse a fresh cotton swab in acetone if any Super Glue remains on your fingers.

Step 5

Roll the cotton swab over your fingers to dissolve the remaining glue. Rub your fingers together until no Super Glue remains.


Step 6

Rinse your fingers with fresh water and dry them with a fresh towel.

Step 7

Rub hand lotion onto your fingers to replenish moisture. Acetone tends to leave skin dry.



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