How to Get Ready for Fogging Your Apartment

Foggers are designed to release an insect-killing fog into the air to rid you of those pesky home invaders. The fog remains in the air for a certain period of time and then gradually settles onto carpet fibers, cracks and other surfaces in your apartment. The chemicals found in foggers can be considered health hazards for some, so preparedness is key when using a fogger in your apartment.

Preparing your furniture is important before fogging.

Step 1

Open all the doors to the rooms that are being treated. This includes any closets, cabinets or cupboard doors. Open drawers as well, but cover any exposed utensils with newspaper.

Step 2

Use plastic dust covers or newspapers to cover any waxed wood floors, waxed furniture and stereo equipment near the fogger container.

Step 3

Remove all pets from the apartment. Cover any pet food dishes and bedding. If you have a fish aquarium, turn it off and cover with newspaper. Also turn off any airflow systems in the aquarium.

Step 4

Close all outside doors and windows. Turn off any air conditioners and fans in the apartment. Extinguish any flames or pilot lights.

Step 5

Place a table or chair in the center of the room to be fogged. Cover it with several layers of newspaper and place the fogger on top of the surface.