How to Kill Bugs in Carpets

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Carpet steamer


Before using chemical cleaning solutions, read all caution labels.


An infestation too severe cannot be resolved with carpet cleaning. The carpet must be removed and cleaned by a professional.

Remove bugs from your carpet.

Inside a carpet considered immaculate to the human eye is home to bugs: fleas, dust mites and bed bugs. Bugs can carry diseases, cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks. When a bug takes shelter inside a carpet, it causes an infestation. Some female bugs, such as bed bugs, lay up to five eggs daily; others, such as fleas, can lay 2,000 eggs weekly. Bugs living in carpets cause skin irritations, such as itching and breakouts. A thorough cleaning of the carpet can leave you with a bug-free home.


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Step 1

Clear the infested rooms by removing furniture, appliances and clothing. The rooms are cleared to give complete access to your carpet. The items are moved to outside areas or the garage to prevent further spread to other carpets in the household. Place smaller items in plastic bags or tubs with secured tops.

Step 2

Vacuum the infested rooms. Vacuuming the carpet removes debris, bug droppings and a portion of the bugs. Run the vacuum across every inch of the carpet. Use the suction tube attachment to remove items and clinging bugs trapped in small gaps. Use the brush attachment in a scraping motion to remove access debris and bugs.


Step 3

Steam clean the carpet. A streamer cleanses the area using cleaning solution and hot water. Begin steaming the carpet furthest away from the door, and steam every inch. After completion, allow the carpet to dry.

Step 4

Clean the furniture, appliances and clothing. Before placing the items back into the rooms, clean the items to prevent re-infestation. Wash and dry the clothing. Steam the furniture, or have it professionally cleaned. Clean the appliances with bacteria-removing cleaning supplies. Move the items back into the rooms.



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