How to Use Lemon as Insect Repellent

Lemon has been celebrated for centuries for its amazing internal and external uses that include antiseptic, cleansing agent, beauty aid and stain remover. Among lemon's many home uses is as an insect repellent. Moth balls, ant hotels, flea collars and bug sprays all contain toxic chemicals, so try using lemon as a cheap and natural way to get rid of unwanted pests around the home.

credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Ant Repellent

Step 1

Use bottled or (preferably) fresh-squeezed lemon juice to remove ants. Drip lemon juice on floor boards, wall cracks and window sills.

Step 2

Leave lemon juice on or around areas where ants appear daily until they are no longer invading your home.

Step 3

Wash affected areas once critters have ceased to appear.

Moth Repellent

Step 4

Cut one or more lemons on a cutting board and remove the rind. Use the remaining fruit as food or beverage garnish.

Step 5

Set the rind aside in a warm area and allow it to dry.

Step 6

Once the rind has dried, place it in closets or wherever moths seem to appear. Your clothes and closet will smell nice too.

Flea Repellent

Step 7

Cut two lemons into small pieces and place these in a pot containing a quart of water.

Step 8

Bring the water to a boil; allow the lemon pieces to boil for a few minutes.

Step 9

Steep the lemons overnight and soak a sponge in the lemon water in the morning. Sponge down your pet. The lemon also treats existing flea bites and gives your pet a fresh, citrus smell.