How Can I Repel Roaches from My Bedroom?

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Things You'll Need

  • Window sealant

  • Plaster

  • Baseboard glue

  • Pesticide or roach trap

  • Catnip

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can take the necessary steps to prevent a roach infestation.

A cockroach infestation of your bedroom can not only be quite a nuisance, but can pose serious health hazards. Cockroaches transfer germs and diseases and, at the very least, cause food poisoning. Once the roaches have infested your room, it can be tough to get under control. It is much easier to take the steps to prevent an infestation before it occurs. Aside from toxic chemicals and baits, there are number of ways to repel roaches and prevent an unwelcome infestation.


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Step 1

Clean your bedroom. Remove any pieces of food, paper or cardboard. Keep your room as clutter-free as possible. Keep piles of clothes or towels off of the floor. Organize your closet and keep laundry in a hamper or basket.

Step 2

Limit access and hiding spaces. Ensure that your windows are weather-sealed. Any cracks along the windows will allow roaches to get inside. Reseal any breaks you see. Check for any cracks along baseboards or in your walls. Patch any holes or cracks with the proper plaster or glue.

Step 3

Use human- and pet-safe baits and insecticides. There are a number of safe traps and pesticides available at hardware stores. You can consult an exterminator for recommendations on which repellent is best for your situation. Place the baits in your bedroom closet and under your bed and dresser.


Step 4

Use catnip. According to research conducted at Iowa State University, roaches are repelled by the chemical nepetalactone, which is found in catnip. Simmer a small amount in water. Once it cools, pour it into a spray bottle and spray the baseboards and doorways of your bedroom. You can also leave small amounts in your closet, under your bed and on any shelves in small potpourri bags.

Step 5

Use diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is a human- and pet-safe dust that damages the roach's body, causing it to die. Sprinkle a light dusting along the baseboards of your closet, along the top of any shelving or book cases and underneath your bed.



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