What Would Cause Maggots to Appear in a Garage?

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Maggots are the larvae of flies. The fly is implicated in the transmission of many diseases throughout history, including typhoid, cholera and dysentery. Some other diseases that flies may spread include roundworms, tapeworms and pinworms. Thus a maggot infestation in your garage may not only irritate and disgust you, it may become a potential health risk.


Maggots' Food Source

Garages can be hospitable habitats for flies and their larvae (maggots). Flies lay their eggs in warm moist materials that can become a source of food for their maggots. These materials include garbage, rotting vegetables and animal and human feces. If you keep your garbage can in your garage, you may inadvertently be creating an opportunity for a maggot infestation to develop.


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Flies and Decay

Certain types of flies are not attracted to food and garbage. These flies lay their eggs in dead rodents or other dead animals. Their maggots survive in the semiliquid of the decaying animal. Maggots that feed off animal corpses are more likely to be found in garages than in a house.


Flies and Bacteria

Flies are drawn to the smell of bacteria. If you have a sink in your garage, the chance of bacteria developing is high. Sinks are moist and contain particles of garbage due to rinsing of dirty dishes, household items or dirty laundry. Sinks in garages are another reason you may discover maggots.



Protect your garage from a maggot problem by making sure your garbage cans are tightly sealed. For added protection, put up fly strips near the cans. Rinse out the garbage bins at least once a month with bleach. If you have a sink in the garage, pour bleach down it every few weeks to get rid of bacteria that draws flies. Don't throw out old meat until right before the trash is to be picked up. If you ever smell a foul smell, find the source. Following these tips will substantially decrease your risk of developing a maggot infestation.



Maggots.co.za recommends using chemicals to treat the maggot infestation. Any product containing permethrin can be used as an effective maggot killer. Permethrin is found in dog shampoo, lice shampoo, lice bedding spray and insecticides such as Hot Shot Wasp Killer. You may also try hairspray, products such as Pledge or Formula 409, or a mixture of boiling water, bleach and hydrogen peroxide.



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