How to Remove Rust from a Cast Iron Stove

A cast-iron stove can be both a decorative and functional part of a home. Rust, however, can not only pose a formidable threat to the aesthetics of a cast-iron stove, but can also cause it to severely deteriorate if the problem is not tended to. If the rust is bad enough, it can make the stove unsafe to use. Fortunately, cleaning rust of a cast-iron stove is a fairly simple task that requires only a little time and effort. And you have more than a few options.

Remove Rust from a Cast Iron Stove

Step 1

Scrape away the rust with a wire brush or paint scraper until all of it is gone.

Step 2

Use a steel-wool pad (fine grade) to scrub powdery rust from the surface.

Step 3

Apply bacon grease to newspaper and wipe away rust. This also helps give the stove a nice shine.

Step 4

Apply white vinegar to a wire Brillo pad and scrub away the rust, adding more vinegar as necessary.

Step 5

Apply Coca-Cola to a cloth and wipe the rust away.

Step 6

Apply WD-40 to a 0000 steel wool pad and scrub the rust until it's gone.