Household Tips to Remove Scratches From Plastic

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Many things that people use in everyday life are plastic, and plastic is easily scratched. Everything from lenses to cell phone screens are made from plastic. Being able to repair scratches on plastic with items that come from home or that are easily obtainable is one way to both save money and keep plastic items looking nice.


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Spray Pledge, the kind used for cleaning and polishing wood, onto the plastic with the scratched surface. With a clean cloth, rub it into the surface, then wash the surface with soap and water. This should remove the scratch or scratches. If the item is badly scratched, a person might have to repeat the process a second or even third time to be certain the scratches are really gone.

Furniture Polish

This method will usually work even if the plastic in question is very badly scratched. Put some of the furniture polish on a clean cloth and rub it over the scratched plastic surface for about 3 minutes. Finally wash the plastic item in hot soapy water, rinse and dry the item. The scratches should have completely disappeared by this point.


Plain White Toothpaste

This method will only work with plain white toothpaste, not gel, or toothpaste that has ingredients in it like Scope for example. Squirt the toothpaste out and carefully cover the scratched area on the plastic item. Let it sit for a 2 or 3 minutes and then using a clean cloth wipe off the toothpaste. This should get rid of the scratches on the plastic item, but, as with the Pledge method, if it does not, go through the process a second time.

Brasso Metal Polish

Take a clean cloth and put some of the Brasso metal polish on it. Rub the metal polish gently over the scratched plastic surface. Wash the item in hot soapy water to remove any excess metal polish and dry the item off. If you decide to use this method on plastic CDs or DVDs, don't do the second step of washing it in hot soapy water--this could harm the CD or DVD. Instead, just carefully rinse off the CD or DVD with a damp cloth.


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