How to Get Rid of Gasoline Fumes

The smell of gasoline is strong and malodorous to many people. The noxious fumes can cause health problems for some and point to a more serious household or vehicular problem. Clearing out the house of the smell can bring you relief, but you need to be on the lookout for the smell again. Fortunately, the process for clearing out the fumes is a simple one you can accomplish without professional assistance. Move small children out of the house until the smell is completely gone for their safety.

The smell of gasoline is best left at the pump.

Step 1

Search for the source of the smell. Stopping the cause will help prevent further problems with the scent.

Step 2

Sprinkle the gasoline spill with baking soda to absorb it. Allow it to sit for an hour before cleaning it up. It will sap the majority of the the oily liquid from the surface.

Step 3

Wash the spill area with dish soap warm water. Scrub over the surface to remove the remaining oily residue left by the gasoline.

Step 4

Pour coffee grounds liberally around the area where the oil spilled. That surface needs the most attention because it has the strongest concentration of the scent. Coffee -- even a cheap brand -- neutralizes the odor, so allow it to sit for a week while it does its job and then clean it up.

Step 5

Open the windows in the enclosed space to help alleviate the smell of gas. Set up fans as well to help increase the air flow in the building. That will help the smell dissipate faster.

Step 6

Set out small bowls of potpourri in places where the gasoline fumes are strongest. This will make the areas with the gasoline smell more tolerable until the smell finally fades.

Step 7

Spray around the house sparingly with a nonoffensive air freshener. This will aid the potpourri in clearing out the smell.