How to Replace the Head on a Mr. Clean Mop

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The procedure for changing the head depends on the mop, but it's always easy.
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Mops come in all sorts of of styles for a variety of cleaning purposes. Flat and stringy microfiber mops are great for hardwood floors, whereas you're better off with a conventional cotton string mop -- or a sponge mop -- for tile and concrete floors, decks and bathroom floors. No matter which mop you use, it's important to change the head periodically for optimum cleaning. The method for changing the head is often obvious, but sometimes -- as in the case of spin mops -- it can seem a little mysterious. Fear not. Even if you can't figure out the procedure at first glance, it's always simple.


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Check the Handle

If the method for changing the head on your mop isn't obvious, start by giving the handle a counterclockwise twist. If you can unscrew it to remove the mop head, the replacement procedure is probably as simple as screwing a new head onto the handle.


It's also worth checking for screws and wing nuts at the base of the handle, especially if you have a conventional cotton string mop. Unscrew the nuts, and remove the screws to separate the head from the handle. Reverse the procedure to attach the replacement.

Got a Brand-Name Mop?

Manufacturers of specialty mops often include quick-release mechanisms to make changing the mop head a breeze. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to do it, the breeze might dissipate into tropical doldrums. Here are the procedures for a few common models. If they don't help, it's always good to check the instructions that came with your mop.


Fuller Spin Mop: Before you loosen the screw holding the mop head to the handle (spoiler alert: you don't need to do this), try this simple trick. Place the mop flat on the floor with its strings splayed outward. Step on the strings while you tilt the handle in the direction perpendicular to the direction it swivels and, voilĂ  -- the head snaps loose from the plastic disk, which remains attached to the handle. Snap on a new mop head and keep mopping. This trick works for similar mops made by other manufacturers, such as Prismic and CSG.


Mr. Clean Mops: The Mr. Clean brand includes sponge and microfiber mops, as well as some that incorporate the company's proprietary Magic Eraser. Use one of these procedures to change the head, depending on which mop you have:

  • Unscrew the wing nuts, and slide the pad out of the mop paddle. Remove the screws; insert them in the replacement pad. Then set the pad into the paddle and tighten the wing nuts. This works for the light-duty, pad-style Magic Eraser mop.


  • Replace the head on a Mr. Clean cotton mop by pulling on the plastic ring near the top of the mop head to release it. Install the new head by pushing it onto the handle until it snaps into place.
  • Remove the head from a Magic Eraser roller mop and heavy duty roller mop by pushing down the wringing lever to release it. Slide it sideways to remove it. Align the grooves in the replacement head with the channel on the mop, and slide it on. It will snap into place.


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