How to Clean a Mesh Office Chair

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Many office chairs are made of mesh, a highly durable material that fits into nearly any modern office decor. As with the rest of the office, the chair requires cleaning on occasion to collect dust, food particles and other residue. You can clean the chair in just a few minutes by using simple ingredients that are probably in the home or office already. Cleaning the chair regularly will maintain the shine of the mesh.


Step 1

Vacuum the mesh to collect all loose residue. A hose attachment will allow you to clean along crevices and cracks where dirt and residue often build up.

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Step 2

Pour a squirt of liquid dish soap onto a cleaning rag, then moisten the rag with warm water. Twist out excess water.


Step 3

Rub the damp, soapy cloth over the mesh chair. Also remember to clean the wheels that often gather dirt.

Step 4

Run a cotton swab under warm water, and clean in small cracks that are not easily accessible by the vacuum or cleaning rag.

Step 5

Dry the chair with a clean rag, or allow to air dry.



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