Instructions on Relion Cool Mist Humidifier

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Things You'll Need

  • Bowl

  • Water


The ReliOn Owner's Manual recommends cleaning your humidifier once a week.


Never squeeze the filter to remove excess water.

Dry indoor air is common in the winter months, when your heaters are running, and in arid climates. If you have sinus problems, allergies, asthma or the common cold, a humidifier may help ease your symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic . There are many different brands and models of humidifiers, such as the ReliOn Cool Mist Humidifier. Follow the manufacturer's safety instructions for setting up and using this device. Unplug and empty the humidifier when you are not using it.

Set Up

Step 1

Place the humidifier on a flat surface away from heat sources, such as space heaters, stoves or radiators. The surface should be water-resistant. According to the ReliOn Owner's Manual, it should also be at least six inches away from a wall. This ensures proper air circulation.

Step 2

Grab the handle on the water tank and lift it up to remove the water tank.

Step 3

Take the filter out of the base and place it in a bowl full of cool water. Allow it to soak while you fill the humidifier to reduce mineral build-up. Always repeat this step when filling the humidifier in the future.

Step 4

Rotate the water tank upside-down. Unscrew the cap on the bottom.

Step 5

Fill the tank with cool water, never hot water. Replace the cap.

Step 6

Place the filter back into the removable tray in the base. Place the water tank back into the base.


Step 1

Plug the humidifier into an outlet.

Step 2

Move the control knob from the "Off" position to either a high or normal setting. The high setting provides for a higher humidity level, however it is noisier. The normal setting is quieter, however it does not pump out as much water mist.

Step 3

Fill the water tank again before the humidifier runs dry. Always turn the machine off and unplug it before removing the water tank. Before replacing the water tank, empty the removable tray in the bottom of the base.


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