How to Keep a Drawer Lining From Sliding Within Drawers

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Aside from making your drawer easy to clean, liners add a decorative element to the otherwise boring interior of your drawers. Home improvement stores offer a selection of self-adhesive or no-slip drawer liners, but if you line your drawers with more cost-effective non-adhesive liners, heavy-duty wrapping paper, wallpaper scraps or cloth remnants, you may find that your drawer liners shift, slide and bunch up as you add and remove items. Solve the problem of sliding drawer liners and first apply mounting tape to the drawer before lining.


Step 1

Wipe the drawer you want to line with a dust rag to remove debris.

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Step 2

Measure the width of the drawer. Cut two pieces of double-sided mounting tape to fit your measurement.

Step 3

Place one strip of mounting tape to the right-hand edge of the drawer. Place the other strip on the left-hand edge. Press the mounting tape to secure it to the drawer's surface.


Step 4

Measure the length and width of the drawer, then measure and cut your liner material to fit the drawer.

Step 5

Remove the paper backing from both pieces of mounting tape when you are ready to place the liner inside.

Step 6

Lay the liner carefully inside the drawer. Smooth it out from the center outward to remove trapped air from underneath and press it onto the mounting tape on each side of the drawer to secure.

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