How to Fix a Slow Coffee Pot

When a coffee pot begins to run slower than normal, it is usually due to a buildup of scale within the hoses from hard water. Most tap water contains minerals, such as calcium, that leave behind white residue, which accumulates over time. As the scale increases within the coffee maker, it narrows the flow in the hoses, slowing the water as it leaves the tank to deposit through the filter. Cleaning the coffee maker removes the scale, allowing the water to flow faster.

Step 1

Remove any paper or permanent filters from the coffee maker.

Step 2

Fill the coffee pot half full with white vinegar. Fill the pot the rest of the way with cool water. Pour the vinegar water into the tank or reservoir of the coffee maker.

Step 3

Place the pot onto the burner of the coffee maker and turn on the power to the unit. Allow the vinegar water to cycle through the coffee maker into the pot.

Step 4

Turn the coffee maker off and pour the vinegar water back into the tank from the pot. Turn the coffee maker back on and allow the liquid to cycle through once more into the pot.

Step 5

Pour the vinegar from the pot away and fill it full with clean water. Fill the tank with the water from the pot. Place the pot back on the burner on the coffee maker. Turn the unit on and allow the water to cycle through to rinse the vinegar from the coffee maker.