How to Replace the Cork on a Decanter

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Glass wine decanters last a long time, but unfortunately, this is not usually true of the cork lining on the bottle stopper. This cork, necessary for keeping your wine fresh and protecting the glass, will often wear down or even rot away, making the decanter unusable. Luckily, replacing the cork on your decanter stopper is a simple process and one that will leave the finished product looking and working like new.


Step 1

Cut and scrape away the remaining portions of the original cork using a straight razor blade. If there's glue stuck to the glass beneath, remove as much of this as you can, as well. Point and move the blade away from your body as you work.

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Step 2

Sand the glass where the cork used to be with heavy sandpaper; this will rough up the surface of the glass and help the glue to stick in place for the new cork.


Step 3

Measure the tip of the decanter stopper (the end that's inserted) with the dressmaker's tape measure. Also measure the width of the end opposite the inserted portion and the length between the two ends.

Step 4

Roll out the sheet cork on a hard, flat work surface.


Step 5

Use the measurements from Step 3 to draft an equilateral trapezoid shape on the cork in pencil. Use the two long measurements for the top and bottom edges of the trapezoid and use the shorter measurement for the shape's height.

Step 6

Cut out the trapezoid shape from the cork using the craft knife. Wrap the cork piece around the conical insert on the decanter stopper to make sure it covers it properly; trim as needed.


Step 7

Coat the rough, conical portion of the decanter stopper with a thin coat of silicone adhesive; spread it in place with a craft stick or your fingers.

Step 8

Wrap the cork piece around the base of the decanter and hold it firmly in place with your fingers for one minute.

Step 9

Secure the cork to the decanter with a piece of masking tape. Let dry for 24 hours to allow the silicone glue to fully cure.

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