How to Paint a Plate to Eat From

You can paint plates to eat from by using special painting materials. The paint is more durable and resistant to temperatures and water than other types of paint. Plus, it is nontoxic so that you are not poisoned by the paint. It is a great idea to paint a plate and give it to friends and family as presents, or you can personalize plates to match your kitchen decorations.

Personalize your kitchen by designing your own plates.

Step 1

Wash and dry the plate. You won't be able to paint a plate that has yesterday's dinner on it.

Step 2

Coat the plate with a ceramics primer. It enables the paint to bond to the plate and increase its durability. Leave it to dry.

Step 3

Sketch your design onto the plate using a pencil to assist when painting. Choose a theme to match your existing crockery or personalize the plate as a gift. For example, write "Grandpa's 60th" on it or "Mum only plate" and accompany it with a drawing.

Step 4

Add a pattern around the rim of the plate to unify the design. Squiggles, dots, stripes or small flowers are easy for a beginner to do. To paint flowers, put on a dab of yellow paint, then add petals by painting colored circles around the yellow dot.

Step 5

Paint your design. Read the instructions on the ceramic paint container before you begin. The paint needs to be nontoxic and dishwasher safe. This means you can still eat from the plate and wash it without the pattern smudging.

Step 6

Sign the back of your plate to ensure that you have put your artistic stamp on it. Use a thin paint brush to do this, and add the date.

Step 7

Bake the plate in the oven. The ceramic paint needs heat to bond to the surface of the plate. A high temperature is required, but follow the instructions on your brand of paint. Leave the plate in the oven for as long as it instructs, otherwise it will not be suitable to eat from.