How to Make Freezer Dividers

An organized freezer enables you to store your frozen foods neatly with everything within easy access. Frozen foods can easily become a jumbled and disorganized mess, especially in chest freezers. Because a freezer may contain a significant investment -- expensive meats and convenience foods -- make freezer dividers to keep the freezer organized and help ensure that the items are used before their expiration date. With a little effort, your freezer will become easy to use and maintain.

A quick peek inside a well organized freezer is all you'll need to find a specific item.

Step 1

Cut the corrugated cardboard into pieces that will fit onto shelves of your freezer. Make the cardboard pieces the height and depth of the shelves. Insert the cardboard dividers into the freezer so the dividers are perpendicular to the shelves to divide the shelves vertically. When you make the cardboard pieces fit precisely into the shelf space, they should stay upright. Stack plastic containers of food on both sides of the dividers.

Step 2

Place the cardboard shoeboxes onto freezer shelves or stack them on the bottom of a chest freezer. Label the outside edges of the shoeboxes with the contents for easy identification, and include expiration dates if applicable. Store small bags and small containers in the shoeboxes.

Step 3

Set plastic milk crates into the bottom of the chest freezer. Use one crate for beef, one for chicken, one for seafood and one for pork, for example. Label the milk crates with the contents. Fill the milk crates with the wrapped meat (or other) items.

Step 4

Stack wire bins in the freezer to divide bags of vegetables and other frozen items.

Kathryn Hatter

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