How to Get Rid of Bugs in the Refrigerator

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There are a couple of ways that bugs can get into your fridge.
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Finding bugs in fridge compartments can be super daunting, and a tad bit scary for the weaker stomached people out there. But you do have pests in your refrigerator, you don't want them to try and make themselves at home. Most importantly, you don't want them to get into your food. When dealing with pests, it all comes down to prevention.


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Prevent Bugs in Fridge

There are a couple of ways that bugs can get into your fridge, but according to Fantastic Services Group, the most common way is through fruits and vegetables. So before you put fruits and vegetables into the refrigerator or freezer, you will need to rinse them off. If bugs are in your produce, then they can cause an infestation in your appliance. By cleaning fruits and vegetables off with tap water, you will ensure that you don't get bugs in freezer or fridge compartments.

You generally don't have to worry about meats and packaged foods because they shouldn't carry pests. So if pests aren't on your fruits and vegetables, but you have found kitchen bugs, that might be because they crawled in, flew in or there's spoiled food in your fridge. Always check the date of condiments and ensure they don't spoil. It's very easy to forget about an old butter, milk, ketchup or barbeque sauce, but even dated and spoiled food can attract bugs. If you're a fan of leftovers, you also want to make sure you're continually checking your food. Out-of-date food attracts all types of pests, and this can cause a major infestation.


How to Clean Your Refrigerator

According to Cleanipedia, the first step in cleaning dead bugs in fridge compartments is to remove all of the food that is in your refrigerator. You can use this time to dispose of all of your old food and condiments that are spoiled and out of date. Take everything out of your freezer, too, because you need to clean this space, as well.

After you remove all of the food, take out the shelves. If you're doing a deep clean, and you have dead bugs in freezer compartments, then you should unplug your fridge so your freezer can defrost.


When you remove all of your shelves, you'll have easier access to start cleaning the walls of your refrigerator. While you're cleaning the inside of your fridge, you can let any shelves or drawers soak in your sink with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

What to Use to Clean Your Fridge

According to Cleanipedia, you should never use harsh chemicals like bleach when cleaning your fridge's interior from bugs in fridge compartments. Try using dishwashing liquid or baking soda and vinegar instead. You can create a vinegar cleaning solution using a small amount of vinegar and warm water. Then, you can wipe down your refrigerator with a microfiber cloth.


If you have stubborn stains, create a paste with baking soda and a little bit of water. After you clean the inside of your fridge, make sure to dry it down with a towel, so you don't get water stains. Then, you can put all your shelves and drawers back in the refrigerator. But before you put your food back in, make sure there are no kitchen bugs in your food.



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