Instructions for a Bissell Steam Cleaner

Bissell steam cleaners come in a variety models, all very similar in construction and operation. One of Bissell's premier steam cleaners is the PowerSteamer Pro, an upright cleaner equipped with a one gallon water tank, four-row floor brush, twenty-five foot cord length and a twelve-inch cleaning path. The procedure for operating the Bissell PowerSteamer Pro is very straightforward; most of your time will be spent filling and emptying the water tank during use.


Before you use your Bissell steam cleaner, prepare the room for cleaning by clearing any furniture away from where you plan to work. Plan a path to follow while you clean. Ideally, you should start cleaning in the portion of the room furthest from the exit; this way, you will not have to walk over a just-cleaned section of carpet if you wish to get out. If desired, apply a pre-treat formula to the more heavily-traveled sections of the carpet; allow the formula to sit for three or four minutes before proceeding. Prepare the cleaner for use by first removing the water tank (lower the cleaner's handle until it is parallel to the ground and lift the tank out by its handle). Carry the tank to a large sink or bathtub and remove the lid (rotate the handle to unlock the lid); if there is any residual fluid left in the tub, pour it out. Fill the tank's bladder with hot water and replace the lid. Carry the tank back to the steam cleaner, return it to its place then lift the cleaner's handle until it is upright. Examine the front of the cleaner and locate the formula tank. Lift the tank out, unscrew the cap and pour in enough formula to reach the indicator line on the tank's side (if you are using a concentrated cleaning formula, check the instructions on the package; you may be asked to dilute the formula with water prior to use). Once you have filled the tank, return it to its place in the steam cleaner.


Choose a grounded 120V electrical outlet nearest the area you wish to clean and plug in the power cord. Examine the base of the steam cleaner and you will see two dials, one by the formula tank and another on the opposite side. Set the dial by the formula tank to "normal" or "heavy traffic", depending on how dirty the area you wish to clean is. Set the second dial to the setting for floor cleaning. Locate the power switch on the rear of the device and set it to the "ON" position. Wheel the cleaner to the portion of carpet you wish to clean first. Hold the handle's trigger down while you move the cleaner back and forth over the carpet; this will apply the water and cleaning solution. Release the trigger and run the cleaner back over the same portion to pick up any residual water; continue in this manner until the water being pulled into the tank appears clear. After you have cleaned and rinsed one portion of carpet, move on to the next. When the cleaner's tank appears full, lower the cleaner's handle, remove the tank and carry it to a sink, toilet or outside location. Pour the dirty water out of the tank. Rinse off the lid and refill the tank with hot water, then return it to the cleaner and resume cleaning.