How to Clean a Jenn Air Oven

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The JennAir self-cleaning oven can be a big-ticket item when you first purchase it, so you want to make sure that you're cleaning the appliance correctly to maintain longevity.
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The JennAir self-cleaning oven can be a big-ticket item when you first purchase it, so you want to make sure that you're cleaning the appliance correctly to maintain longevity. This dynamic oven not only provides high-tech performance, but it's relatively easy to clean if you follow the directions.

Whether you're cooking for yourself or family and friends, it's a nuisance to clean out an oven after spending hours whipping up a meal. With the JennAir gas oven, though, the self-cleaning cycle makes cleaning a breeze.

Before Self-Cleaning Tips

Before you start the JennAir self-cleaning oven process, according to JennAir, you want to make sure that the room is well ventilated. When you run a self-cleaning cycle, the oven is burning the dirt using super high temperatures, and this creates powdery ash. If you are exposed to fumes, they could be deadly, so always operate the JennAir self-cleaning oven cycle in a well-ventilated room. When running self-cleaning cycles, you should try and do them before your oven becomes very dirty.

The oven will still be able to clean itself, but thick grime can make the cleaning process longer than it needs to be, and it will create more smoke in your room. You want to make sure that the heat, odors and smoke can move freely out of the oven. This is why you want to make sure your JennAir oven vent isn't blocked.

When cleaning the oven, never scrub the oven door gasket. The door gasket makes sure there is a properly working seal, and if you damage the gasket, this can affect the entire self-cleaning process of your appliance, whether it's a JennAir wall oven or gas one.

Cleaning JennAir Gas Oven

Before you start the self-cleaning cycle, remove the oven racks, broiler pan, grid, cookware and bakeware from your JennAir gas oven. Also, make sure to remove any extra foil that is leftover in the oven. You can hand-clean the inside door edge, but don't go anywhere near the door gasket. Make sure that you don't get any water, cleaner or liquid in the slots on the door frame, as well.

If you have any excess soil, you can wipe up the extra residue to reduce any additional smoke. Also, always make sure to remove all of your plastic items off the cooktop and from the storage drawers because the high temperatures can melt them. After all of that is done, you can close your door and press the clean button.

On the JennAir gas oven, you can choose either the clean setting or cycle time. After the cleaning cycle is over, make sure to let the range cool down completely.

Cleaning JennAir Oven Racks

According to JennAir, it only takes a couple of steps to clean the racks. Before you clean them, make sure the oven is off, and it is completely cool. First, you're going to remove the racks from the oven and clean them with a soap-and-water combination.

They recommend using a soft cloth or sponge, but if you have stubborn stains, you can use a steel-wool pad. After you clean the racks, dry them thoroughly. Then, you can put them back into the oven. Make sure to always consult your oven cleaning section in the Use and Care Guide before cleaning any parts of your oven.


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