How to Clean the Maytag Gemini Oven

The Maytag Gemini boasts two ovens in one range. The smaller oven on the top offers quick preheating, while the lower oven functions the same as a traditional oven. Clean both sections of your Maytag Gemini oven with its self-cleaning cycle. Choose from one of four settings for the most appropriate cleaning level.

Step 1

Remove any racks, pans, or liners from the oven.

Step 2

Apply 2 or 3 drops of dish soap to a wet sponge. Wipe any residue from the door frame outside the oven gasket. Also wipe any large spills or grease from the oven floor.

Step 3

Close the oven door and press the "Clean" button. The default setting for cleaning is three hours. Press the "Less" button twice for a two-hour cleaning cycle, or press "More" twice for a four-hour cycle, depending on the level of soil.

Step 4

Wash the oven racks with hot water and a small amount of dish soap. Scrub the racks with a sponge, rinse well, and dry with a towel.

Step 5

When the cleaning cycle is finished and the oven is cool, open the oven door. Wipe out any ash from the oven floor with a damp sponge. Replace the racks and any pans or liners.

Melissa Rae

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