Gas stoves are often favored over electric for their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, even burn and portability. Many environmentally minded people prefer gas over electricity for its clean burn. Gas stoves are also relatively low maintenance and require less cleaning than electric stoves. Regularly wiping down gas stove parts usually keeps the stove in operation. Sometimes, however, the jets on a gas stove get clogged, causing an uneven ring of flame, or no flame whatsoever. Maintenance is fairly straightforward, but safety precautions are necessary.

Gas stove jets are sometimes clogged by grease or other debris.
First, turn off the gas.

Make sure the eye, or burner, of the gas stove jet is turned off.

Step 2

Use the jet-cleaning wire that came with the stove to poke out the grease or other debris clogging the gas stove jet.

Use a safety pin or other small wire to poke the jet.

Poke out the debris clogging the jet by using a safety pin or other small metal wire, if the stove did not come with a cleaning wire.