Instructions for a Wet/Dry Shop-Vac

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The Wet/Dry Vac has an automatic shutoff feature for liquid vacuuming in case the tank is full. If it automatically shuts off, turn the Wet/Dry Vac's power off and empty the liquid from the tank.

Shop-Vac's Wet/Dry Vac can also be used as a blower.

Shop-Vac's Wet/Dry Vac is a multiple-use vacuum cleaner that has been produced by the Shop-Vac Corp. since the 1950s. Most vacuum cleaners will break if they suck up large amounts of liquid, but not the Wet/Dry Shop-Vac. As its name suggests, the Wet/Dry Shop-Vac can be used to suck up dry debris like a regular vacuum cleaner and also liquid substances. It can be used for tidying up carpets, for cleaning up puddles in leaky basements and even for sucking objects out of drain pipes.

Dry Objects

Step 1

Open the vacuum up by unlatching the lid latch by hand on the top of the vacuum. Check that the inlet deflector is facing the bottom of the tank. If it is not, turn it. The inlet deflector is located underneath the power unit assembly and looks like a large, black plastic faucet spout.

Step 2

Slide the cake-shaped cartridge filter over the flat lid cage that forms the top of the vacuum cleaner. Place the filter retainer, which looks like a black lid, on top of the cartridge filter. Turn it clockwise to tighten it until it is locked into place.

Step 3

Pull the vacuuming hose out and turn the Wet/Dry Vac's power switch on to begin vacuuming.

Wet Objects

Step 1

Check that the inflect deflector is facing the top of the tank. If it is not, turn it.

Step 2

Check that the filter retainer has been removed. This will allow water to flow into the tank. If it has not been removed, loosen the cartridge filter by turning it counterclockwise and pulling the filter retainer out.

Step 3

Insert one end of the white plastic liquid pick-up tube into the pick-up tank (the hollow body of the vacuum where vacuumed objects are collected) and the other end into the lid cage. Push the tube into the tank as far as it will go, then put the tank cover back on securely.

Step 4

Push one end of the wet pick-up elbow, which is a hard plastic tube that is bent in the middle, onto the liquid pick-up tube. Attach the other end of the wet pick-up elbow to the vacuum hose by pushing the hose into the elbow until it sticks.

Step 5

Turn the Wet/Dry Vac's power switch on to begin suction.


Step 1

Unscrew the blower cover on the backside of the Wet/Dry Vac's motor container with your hand to expose the blower port.

Step 2

Insert the black vacuum hose into the blower port on the side of the vacuum cleaner. Check that it is attached tightly.

Step 3

Turn the Wet/Dry Vac's power switch on to begin blowing.


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