How to Remove Burnt Teapot Paint From a Burner

Leaving a teapot on a hot burner can evaporate all of the water within the teapot, causing the bottom of the pot to melt or burn onto the burner. If a teapot has burned dry, where all of the water has left the kettle, the heat from the burner can no longer transfer to the water and instead overheats the teapot. The resulting mess on the burner consists of paint or enamel from the teapot, depending on what the teapot is made from. The residue may be scraped or cleaned off, but severe burns may remain on the burner indefinitely.

Leaving a teapot unattended may result in a burnt burner

Step 1

Turn on the range with the burner in place and allow the burner to heat up. Use a medium heat to gently warm the burned on residue.

Step 2

Scrape the teapot residue from the burner using a wooden spoon. The heat from the burner may loosen the residue allowing it to be scraped away.

Step 3

Remove as much residue as possible by scraping. Turn off the burner and allow the burner to cool.

Step 4

Fill a sink or other container with hot water and detergent. Place the burner into the sink and allow it to soak. The hot water may soften remaining residue from the teapot.

Step 5

Scrub the burner using a mesh scouring pad or a scrub brush. Use pressure to remove as much residue as possible.

Step 6

Dry the burner thoroughly before use. If paint or enamel from the teapot remains on the burner, it can still be used. The remaining residue may diminish with time and continued use.