How to Open a Bunker Hill Digital Floor Safe

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Keep the override keys in a safe location outside the safe in case you forget your digital code or the battery for the keypad runs out.


It is wise to change the default factory code for the digital keypad to avoid theft.

There are two ways to unlock the Bunker Hill digital floor safe.

The Bunker Hill floor safe is equipped with both a digital and manual entry-lock system. If you want to open your safe using the digital keypad, you can do so easily by entering the factory code. Alternatively, use the override key in situations where the digital pad malfunctions or the battery for the pad runs out.

Unlock with Digital Keypad

Step 1

Press the numbers "159" on the Bunker Hill safe's digital keypad.

Step 2

Press the "A" key immediately after you have entered the numbers.

Step 3

Wait for the green light on the keypad to shine, then turn the knob once.

Step 4

Immediately pull the handle on the door of the safe to open it.

Unlock with Override Key

Step 1

Remove the detachable front panel cover of the safe.

Step 2

Insert the override key into the now exposed lock and turn clockwise.

Step 3

Turn the knob once, then turn the safe's handle and pull open the door.