How Do I Open My Bunker Hill Safe When the Key Is Lost?

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Losing the key to your Bunker Hill safe can be upsetting if the safe contains valuables that are now out of your reach. Bunker Hill is a brand of safes distributed exclusively by Harbor Freight Tools, and comes in both electronic and physical key models. The only way to open your safe after losing a key is to obtain a replacement key from Harbor Freight Tools. Do not attempt to force the safe open as you can irreparably damage the safe.


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Step 1

Find the model number of your Bunker Hill safe on the lower right corner of the safe. Write down the model number.

Step 2

Look for a small plastic panel on the front of your safe. Push the panel to the side to reveal a key code.

Step 3

Call Harbor Freight Technical Support at the telephone number listed on their website. Give Harbor Freight the key code, safe model, your name and your mailing address. Request a duplicate key. Pay the charge for the key by credit card. Harbor Freight will mail you a replacement key.


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